28 Week Visit Special Instructions

At your next visit you will be approximately 28 weeks or 7 months pregnant. This visit will be longer than your other visits because we do gestational diabetes screening test. Gestational diabetes is a form of diabetes that may develop during pregnancy. It is important that gestational diabetes be detected so the mother can be treated appropriately to assure a healthy baby.

On the day of your visit you may eat and drink before the test but you must avoid concentrated sweets such as:
Soft drinks, fruit juices, pastries, pies, cakes, candies, sugared cereals.

When you arrive for your appointment ask the receptionist at the sign in desk for your glucose drink. You will be given a 10 ounce glucose drink to drink over a 10 minute period. When you finish the drink bring the empty bottle to the front window, so the time you finish can be documented on your chart. One hour from the time you finish the drink your blood will be drawn. You ill have your regular check up during this wait.

During pregnancy some women develop anemia. This means the iron level in your blood is low. Iron carries the oxygen around your body, if your iron level is low you may feel very tired. When we draw your blood for the diabetes test we will also check your iron level. If your iron is low we will recommend an iron supplement to be taken in addition to your prenatal vitamin.
In addition to your diabetes screen and iron level we will also do an antibody screen. This would detect any abnormal antibodies in your blood that may be harmful to your baby.

If your blood type is RH negative and the father of the baby's blood type is RH positive you will be given an injection of Rhogam. This injection protects the baby if the baby's blood type is different than the mother' type. This injection must be given after your blood is drawn.

After delivery, if the baby's blood is type RH negative you will not receive Rhogam. If the baby's blood type is RH positive Rhogam will be given before you are discharged from the hospital.

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