Miscarriages are more common than most people think. They occur in15 to 25 percent of all pregnancies, usually between the seventh and fourteenth week of pregnancy. About 75 percent of these losses occur before 12 weeks. While miscarriage is common, your loss still was unique to you.

Do not expect of feel comforted by knowing that miscarriages happen often. This was you and your family’s loss, and your hopes and dreams for this baby. It may take you several months to get over the profound feeling of emptiness you may experience with this loss.

Miscarriage means the pregnancy ends long before the baby could survive. You were able to conceive but something happened in the early stages of your pregnancy. Most of the time, we do not know why the fetus stopped developing. Some times genetic counseling is advised especially if a woman has repeated miscarriages.

The major cause of miscarriage in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy is a result of incorrect development of the baby. These are not preventable. Studies of both parents’ chromosomes may be helpful.

Other possible causes of miscarriage could be:

  • Low progesterone levels. Progesterone is a hormone which maintains the lining of the uterus so it can
  • support he growth of the fertilized egg
  • Structure of the uterus- possible problem with scar tissue or abnormal growth
  • Incompetent cervix- mouth of cervix begins to open early in pregnancy
  • Blighted ovum- an egg that developed abnormally due to a chromosome or genetic problem
  • Infections, such as herpes, rubella, bacterial infections
  • Blood disorders
  • Immune system problems


Women respond to miscarriage very differently. Some women heal much quicker from the loss than others. Just take as long to grieve as YOU NEED! Call the office with any questions or concerns you may have. There are several support groups available if you may be interested in them. Our office staff is here for you. Just let us know if we can be of any help to you or your family.


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